Peranakan Cuisine

Peranakan cuisine, also known as Nyonya or Baba cuisine, originally introduced by the Peranakan children of Chinese descents in Indonesia, Malaka and Singapore. To suite the local taste as well as their own, the Peranakan combined Chinese Recipes with local cooking technique and vice versa, creating the ‘new’ culinary called Peranakan cuisine.

This is where GOPEK comes in as a restaurant that presents popular Indonesian Peranakan dishes, such as Lunpia, Mie Ayam, Nasi Campur, and more, in a hip and unpretentious ambience. GOPEK is set to satisfy young food enthusiasts with delicious Indonesian Peranakan dishes.

GOPEK aims to educate local food enthusiasts about the Peranakan cuisine, which is commonly associated with the culinary worlds of Singapore or Malaysia. As a matter of fact, Indonesian has the largest community of Peranakan people residing across the archipelago by far, which in turn has created a subculture of dishes and adding more depth to the Indonesian Peranakan culture.

Since only a few are aware that those of Chinese descent actually brought these dishes to this country along with their Peranakan culture, GOPEK serves as a good reminder on how rich and diverse Indonesian culture really is. Offering a casual Indonesian Peranakan concept, the restaurant targets young food enthusiasts and aims to attract them with delicious classic dishes and knowledge about the culture of the Peranakan people.

Gopek House highlights Indonesian Peranakan comfort food that are usually served on the dining tables in Indonesian Peranakan homes across the country. It will bring a warm touch of nostalgia to some, while other guests may be able to savor these classic traditional dishes for the first time and discover a flavor unlike any other.

Gopek House’s menu will bring a smile to many, comprising the finest in Indonesian Peranakan delights ranging from the likes of Bistik Daging (beef steak), Ayam Kuluyuk (sweet-and-sour chicken), Fu Yung Hai (egg foo yong), Lumpia Udang (fried shrimp roll), Ayam Goreng Mentega (fried chicken in butter sauce), and more; timeless home-cooked delicacies that will pamper the palates of many.

Gopek Express provide a selection of Gopek’s trademark Peranakan street food menu in a promptly and practical manner. Simpler in terms of serving and affordable in price, Gopek Express will become the go-to establishment for those looking for a quick meal that is at once delicious and enlightening. At Gopek Express, customers will be able to sample the very best in Indonesian Peranakan street food on the go.

Gopek Express is set to serve a variety of luscious Indonesian Peranakan dishes that are originally available at Gopek. However, unlike the original Gopek, Gopek Express offers ready-to-go food and affordable packages, featuring both a la carte and set menus with the latter comes with drink.