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Targeting young food enthusiasts, GOPEK appears with youthfulness and fun, presenting a homey feeling to the guests. Serving Peranakan comfort food, GOPEK brings the guests on walk down memory lane by serving familiar flavors. With these familiar flavors, the guest will surely feel like they are coming back home.

Best Freshest


GOPEK commits to use the best and freshest ingredients. Most of the ingredients, such as noodles, are made fresh daily, ensuring the quality of the foods. Combine with the right cooking techniques, all the dishes are set to please customer's taste buds and make them crave for more. Aiming to present authentic Peranakan cuisine, each dish is beautifully crafted by a team of seasoned chefs.

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Which GOPEK Suits You?

GOPEK is set to satisfy young food enthusiasts with delicious Indonesian Peranakan dishes.

GOPEK HOUSE highlights Indonesian Peranakan comfort food that are usually served on the dining tables, suitable to share with friends and family.

GOPEK EXPRESS comes in a quick service restaurant format. Offers ready-to-go food and affordable packages, featuring both a la carte and set menus.